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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Saturday 29 March

Back out in the garden today, soaking up the Vitamin D - actually does one soak it up or do we create it when in sunshine?  Anyway, never mind, it felt brilliant.  Classic FM on the radio and hands in dirt, how to make Claire happy :)

Ian got home from ringing a peal around 3pm I guess and joined me for some more clearance.

Here are some photos:

Memories of the "Ladybird Hotels" I used to set up as a child for all my pet ladybirds:

My new clematis (Clematis armandii 'Little White Charm') to climb up this very bare structure:

Pear tree leaves and blossom just about coming out...

I never thought strawberries could be a weed, but they really are here... still, I'll keep enough!

No idea what this is, big waxy leaves and very close to the ground.

Bluebells coming into bud:

I adore my hellebores:

Clearing the veg patch some more (cleared the plants that covered the back of the greenhouse.  Lost a pane of glass in the process (from the apex):

(Just as a reminder, this was how this view looked beforehand:)

And the resulting mess:

Usual view from Bedroom 4:

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