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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The point of no return...

The old warm air central heating system is no more!

As a reminder, it was a beige floor-to-ceiling metal unit that filled a corner of the kitchen:

That corner now looks like this:

The ceiling:

The floor:

New piping under the bath

New boiler in the loft (er, and a defunct TV aerial.  We have three aerials...)

Cold water tank in the loft, soon to be gone:

Ducting in the loft:

And finally, Graham and Ben got our ancient gas fire working, it needed a new thermocouple apparently!  I don't like the fire, it's scary and it smells, but it's a nice bit of heat in a now-unheated house.  We have an oil-filled electric radiator in our bedroom and a fan heater which can go wherever, so we shouldn't be cold.

The next task is to remove the hot water tank and immersion heater and replace it.  This obviously means we will be without hot water.  Graham hopes to do it in one day which will be amazing if he manages it.  Ian can shower at work and I have discovered a building at my work that has a shower so if worst comes to worst....!

Oh and just as a PS, the topsoil for the veg beds was delivered today, here's two of three tonnes (the other one is in the garage):

Not sure that gives a full sense of size!

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