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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Painting the Harry Potter cupboard

We have a cupboard under our stairs, which is a pretty normal thing to have in a house, but ours is huge!  It runs alongside the staircase then turns back round on itself and underneath the staircase itself, and many of my friends have commented on it being a Harry Potter cupboard :)

Anyway, we keep coats, vacuum cleaner etc in there but lately it's been bothering me because it smells really musty and every time I get a coat out to put on I can smell it :( the whole house smelt the same when we moved in but over time with new carpets, new paint, and general day to day life and fresh air, most of the mustiness has faded.  Obviously as we always have the cupboard door shut, air can't circulate and that's why it's retained the smell.

We didn't want to take the carpet up (yet - will do when we have new flooring in the hallway, and will get the new flooring in the cupboard as well) so I decided to paint the walls and ceiling as I believe wallpaper holds smells quite a lot.

(Also it's been a while since I painted anything and to be honest I was getting painting withdrawal symptoms!)

New white coat on the right, with the two existing shades of paint:

It's not quite that patchy really, it's just still wet in this photo and this was only after the first coat!  Scuse the fuzzy blob in the middle of the pic, my camera has some dust INSIDE the lens :(

And then I gave this stuff a go... the hallway does now smell of orange sherbert, but it's an improvement... the real test will come when we hang everything back up in there and shut the door...