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Friday, 7 March 2014

Tall hallway

Our stairs have a full turn in them about halfway up ie. they turn back on themselves, resulting in a small landing and a window on that wall.  This means that wall is reeeeeally tall and the window on it looks a bit small and silly, so we've been pondering what to do with it.

Our friend Colin reckons we should build a mezzanine reading nook/snug area, but we reckon this sounds like a lot of hard work ;)

Stupid photo of me showing how tall it is:

How it currently looks (I took this photo before the window was replaced):

My proposed mock-up:

Whaddya reckon?!


  1. Great idea to turn the wall into more of a feature as it definitely looked bigger in the photo where there's nothing there but the window! The cluster of pictures would look good when the curtains are drawn - maybe a little top-heavy when open? Love the reading nook idea but it definitely sounds hard to achieve - you could paper it in one of those library shelf wallpapers as an alternative!

  2. Thanks Millie - I think the next step is to mock-up some frame sizes on paper and stick them on the wall in various permutations to see how it looks in real life :)

  3. Ahh genius! Do you have any pictures you're particularly thinking of putting up there, or is it just the concept you're thinking about at this stage?

  4. Just the concept at the moment. Our friends Simon and Lucy have a wall in their kitchen dedicated to photos of family and close friends, I like that idea.