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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Heating begins...

Nothing quite like coming home and finding a radiator on the wall!  I did a genuine double-take, haha!  Very exciting.

This one doesn't have any pipework attached...

Pipework disappearing into part of the existing ducting that runs under the hallway floor - this is where there was a grille as the warm air is still passing through the ducting.

Other end of the pipework leads to the corner of the kitchen where the warm air heater currently is.  I think this will then be boxed in and go up to the first floor then the loft and to the boiler.

Radiator number two in the living room - this one has actual pipes attached which go into the floor.  Seriously exciting!  Again obviously they're not connected to anything at the moment.  

View through the carpet into the ducting again.  No idea why the blog insists on rotating this image!

More anon...

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