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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Baby's Room - Complete!

Soooo - here's the transformation of this room!

Bedroom 2 when we viewed the house in August 2013:

This was March 2015, but is what the room looked like for most of the time we've lived here - it was our bedroom until we renovated the master bedroom:

July 2015, after we moved into the master bedroom:

Started stripping the wallpaper: 

Wallpaper stripped and ceiling plastered, October 2015:

Walls painted, November 2015:

Carpet up and priming the cupboard shelves, December 2015:

New carpet! 4 December.  This was a hugely momentous occasion as by this point it was starting to feel like this room would never be done.

The crib is a co-sleeper crib which was a very generous gift from my wonderful girl friends - it will live in our bedroom once the baby arrives.

Today, 30 December 2015 - room is pretty much finished!

New light fitting:

I made the curtains with blackout lining, it's amazingly hard to take a picture of a dark room but this sort of shows how effective the lining is!

And with lights on:

Inside the wardrobe.  Most of the furniture is Ikea's Stuva range.

We still need to hang the rainbow I made, somewhere...

And I also plan to make a cushion from the remaining curtain fabric.