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Friday, 19 December 2014

Number 5 in 2014

One of my favourite interior design blogs, Chris Loves Julia, recently posted a roundup of all the projects they'd tackled in 2014, and I thought it might be nice for me to do the same.  Particularly as things around here have stalled on the DIY/renovation front since finishing the living room in September, so I'm feeling a bit underachieving lately.  I need to do a new house tour video since these photos all look very out of date now!

Since we moved in January, the entire year has been a whirlwind of improvements and plans and spending money :D

We started the year by stripping lots of wallpaper:

In February we bought light fittings and curtains, and had various bits of electrical work done:

In early March we had new windows and doors:

 ...and continued the month with lots of gardening:

At the end of March Graham started work on the heating system:

...Which carried on into April:

April also featured lots of hard work from my in-laws:

We spent much of May doing more gardening and preparing for plastering work:

In June we had the first load of plastering done - lots of ceilings skimmed etc - and started on Bedroom 4 (the study), the downstairs loo, and Bedroom 3 (the spare bedroom):

In July we finished the study (which is looking a lot more lived in now!):

...and the guest bedroom, just in time for our first overnight guest:

In August we had a tree cut down and that appears to be all we did, probably as we were exhausted after the three rooms of the previous month!

In September we finished the living room, bought a piano...

...and bought new sofas and made cushions!

In October we caught the last of the warmth and sun and dismantled the sunroom with the help of the wonderful Sophie and Patrick:

In November I got restless with the lack of decorating and DIY, and painted the inside of a cupboard:

And finally, December has been full of making plans for 2015 and getting ready for our first Christmas season in our lovely home :D

In 2015 we plan to:

Get a new kitchen
Finish the master bedroom
Get a new bathroom
Have the garden re-designed and overhauled
Bedroom 2 - everything needs doing in here!
New flooring in hallway

....I think that should be enough to be getting on with!