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Monday, 25 May 2015

Bathroom - Complete!

It feels like a longgggg time since my last "complete!" post!  And it feels almost as long since the bathroom rip-out started.  7th April was D-Day (Demolition Day) and the bathroom has been mostly finished since the end of April, it's just been the last few niggly bits left over.  But as of today, we're declaring the bathroom Officially Complete.  Hurrah!

I'll let the pictures do the talking...


Tiles coming off the walls, mould...

Emptied and ready to go!

Skip delivery :D

The bath is gone!

Plasterboard gone!  The reason for this is we were also ripping out the "en suite" (shower in a cupboard) in the master bedroom, which sat halfway between the bedroom and the bathroom.  We therefore decided to move the dividing wall about a foot into the bedroom, making a straight wall in there and giving us an extra foot of room in the bathroom.

Wall gone!

Ian for scale, view from master bedroom:

Partly plasterboarded:

Fully plasterboarded:

Walls and ceiling plastered:

Plaster drying out:

Hole left for pipes:

Graham (plumber) and Mark (carpenter) at work:

Bath in and useable (14 April):

Ceiling painted:

Boxing behind loo built, loo plumbed in but not fixed to the wall and vanity in place but not plumbed in:

Tiling commences! (24 April)

Tiling complete and floor over-boarded with new ply:

Walls mist-coated (25 April)

First coat of wall colour on (Dulux Just Walnut) (26 April)

Flooring laid (30 April)

Aaaaand... finally finished, today:

My glass storage jars which have no purpose and Ian hates ;)

Tiles are Johnson Vivid in white and dark grey - they both have a pale grey pinstripe running through them but it's hard to photograph on the white.

Mirror with LEDs:

Beautiful basin tap:

And to finish, here's a little before and after juxtaposition:

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Garden - 20 May

A few post-work snaps...

Huge thank you to Sophie for her help in the garden at the weekend!

We had the tree surgeons round today to trim the hedges, and the garden feels so much lighter!

View from master bedroom: