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Saturday, 1 March 2014

More garden clearance

Last week's photo on the left, today's on the right

Sunshine again!  Managed to grab an hour in the garden earlier and cleared a bit of the bed to the right of these pictures which is a little silly as you can't see my hard work!  I'm hoping to make this my veg bed but it needs two huge shrubs digging out which is beyond me so I need to get someone in to do it.

I also cleared a bit more of the grass/moss at the back of the lawn.  Turns out it's not actually quite an oval which is weird.  Wouldn't you just make it an oval so it was neat and tidy rather than have a random wiggle in the back line?  Grr.  Ah well.

The clearance is really hard going, basically there is weed proof membrane underneath all the gravel areas, with gravel on top, and then grass and moss has grown on top.  As a result, the roots are attached to the weed proof membrane and it all creates a heavy mat of grass-gravel-reallystrongmembrane.  Tired now!

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