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Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday 17 March

The western edge of the garden had three huge shrubs on it - a myrtle, a bay and a buddleia.  They were too huge to deal with, really, so we made the decision to take them out.

Before shots, from a month ago:

We decided that this sort of heavy digging was beyond us, so in the interests of our backs, we paid a company to come and do the removal.  They also took out the gnarled buddleia on the other side of the garden.  I wanted to keep it, but the roots were making the soil come up in a mound and I can just replace it with a young one.

NB. This is Ian digging, but he was just digging over the soil to get a last root out, I didn't actually make him do hardcore digging!

This is going to be my veg patch!  Very exciting.  One small snag - the bay hid a large manhole cover.  Potentially for the drains.  Which probably also means pipework runs underneath.  Ugh.  Never simple!  Manhole cover:

View from Bedroom 4:

(They also took away all our garden waste that had piled up for a bit extra money... phew!)

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