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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Windows - Day One

One of the things we budgeted for when offering/purchasing this house was the cost of replacing all the windows and external doors in the house.  They were all the original windows with wooden frames and single glazing, and most of screws holding the handles on were half falling off, and the mechanisms were ancient, so opening and closing the windows was HARD work.  Luckily, given the weather, we haven't had much cause to open them, but also being single glazing means they let a LOT of cold draughts in.

So, this is a huge investment and we feel pretty lucky that we're able to have them all done in one go.

Today was day one of the window replacement and they did 5 of them today:
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2 x 2
Bedroom 4

Tomorrow they'll start with the Living Room (x 2), then Bedroom 3, then the window on the staircase... and see how they get on.

Ian stayed home today so someone was here and he was sweet enough to take some photos for me :)

The funny thing is, even though uPVC frames are thicker than wood, the windows themselves feel bigger.  They aren't, obviously, but I think there's something about the bright white of the frames and the shiny clear glass that makes it feel as if there's so much more light coming in!

 Bedroom 4:

Work in progress in Bedroom 2:

Bedroom 1:

The back of the house (upstairs windows all done):

Bedroom 1 before and after:

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