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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Windows and doors and keys, oh my!

Today I got home to discover I couldn't get into the house - for a really exciting reason; the new front door had been fitted!  Luckily Ian was home to let me in ;)

View when I left the house yesterday morning (yes that's a man leaning out of empty frames, about to take a hammer and chisel and saw to them!)

The window guys had also fitted the kitchen window and back door today - the rest were done yesterday.  The only thing remaining is the patio doors, which haven't arrived yet - can't really get too cross with the window company since they brought our installation forward so weren't expecting to need it until this time next week!  They'll come back to fit that, hopefully not too long until it turns up.

 Living room windows, fitted yesterday - the horizontal split really balances the windows' dimensions out - previously they looked really tall and skinny but we think they look much more normal now.

Here's a photo that shows the old windows - hopefully you can see what I mean - the vertical division seems to draw the eye up and down so they look really tall and narrow.

Exciting red door arrives!  With sidelight frame to the left.

Red front door fitted - we love it!

Front door inside (err guess who didn't notice the off-centre doormat!)

Knocker/peep hole

The front door is super-secure which is a nice reassurance - we live in a safe area but a bit of extra security never hurts.  It's a composite door so has a steel frame and about a billion locking points plus deadlocks.  It closes super snugly so keeps draughts out as well which is rather nice!  

We do have a matching number 5 but we haven't put it up yet.

Back door:

The back door is great cos we went for a double glass panel which lets in SO much light!  

This was the old back door, viewed from outside - I'm not sure how obvious it is but the window in the old one had misted up/decayed between the two layers of glass (previously the only double glazing in the entire house, haha!) so you couldn't see through it at all and as a result not much light came through:

Finally here's a pic of the back of the house showing this side of new windows and doors (apart from the patio door).  Stupidly I didn't take a photo of the front of the house whilst it was light so you'll have to wait for that!

Update: View of the front of the house:

Ugh.  Look at the state of the garage door.  And the moss on the roof.  Nothing like making some improvements to make you notice what still needs to be done, eh!

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