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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday 23 April

Last night I finished stripping the wallpaper from Bedroom 4 which will be the study.

Actually that's a tiny lie, I need to take the plug socket faceplates off the wall to remove the bits underneath them, and stanley-knife around the window frames, and the little tiny bits behind where the curtain pole was attached to the wall cos I only took that down today.  Bah.

But let's pretend I've finished that room!

Paper came off ok here, just various patches of flaky/peeling paint to sand and fill and sand again...

Ian contacted a couple of plasterers today to get quotes for skimming the upstairs ceilings.  All the vents will have to be blocked off and skimmed so we may as well get all the artex covered up whilst they're at it!


A little view of one of the bigger flaky patches, plus the rawlplug and scrap of paper from behind the curtain pole fixing.

Aaaaand a little seedling update whilst I'm updating!

I think I'm going to need to pot up the bean and courgette plants soon!  Hand for scale, haha:

The beans are quite interesting because I have three varieties here - "Blue Lake" which was a new purchase this year, some beans left over from the load I bought last year, and some that I saved from my harvest in 2012.  Blue Lake have mostly come up whereas I have 3 from 2012 and 2 from 2013, not great!  I may abandon those ones as I'm not convinced they'll be any good.

Broccoli and tomatoes (bit disappointed by the tomatoes so far but I will just buy plants if needed):

The epic Passionflower that is growing inside the "sunroom".  We are going to pull the sunroom down in due course so this may well get killed in the process which is a bit sad.  The roots are outside but the plant is largely inside and I think it will get broken when we try to pull it back through the ventilation slats (which is what it's grown through).

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