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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wednesday 16 April - Heating!

Whilst I was toiling in the garden, Graham was commissioning the boiler! Actually he came outside at one point to find me lazing on the bench in the sunshine, so I can't really claim to have been toiling non-stop...

He's disconnected the gas fire and switched the gas over to fuel the boiler.  I can't actually explain how exciting it is to have radiators giving off heat!

There are two more rads to hang once the walls they're on have been patched (kitchen and dining room, opposite sides of the same wall).  The dining room wall has a hole from a heating vent and the kitchen wall has LOADS of holes from the hot air system.

The only other thing is that it looks like the wiring instructions didn't include the instruction to connect the hot water cylinder thermostat to the boiler - so the boiler will heat the water up...and up... and up... and won't click off.  So we're back on immersion heated water until Friday when the electrician comes back.

I don't have many photos to show you since you've already seen the radiators etc, but there's lots more pipes in the airing cupboard since I last posted, so here's how it looked last Tuesday (8 April):

And today:

Control panel (because the boiler is in the loft, we needed a remote programmer):

Radio thermostat - we need to have a think about where to put it, it will possibly go upstairs since upstairs seems warmer than downstairs at the moment, but then again we're missing two downstairs rads so that might change.  We can walk around with it for now.  In time we might get a Nest thermostat or similar, which can be controlled by smartphone app and "learns" how to best heat your house: https://nest.com/uk/


  1. Keep me updated with the thermostat adventures! I've always thought having a single fixed thermostat was a stupid idea, so I'll be interesting to hear the results of your experiments.

  2. Will do! Currently we have it in whatever room we're in, ie. living room during the evening and then take it up to bed with us at night!