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Friday, 4 April 2014

God bless my in-laws... and my husband!

Today I went to work.  Whilst I was at work, my in-laws and husband cleared plants, lopped hedges, pruned honeysuckle, built a raised bed, barrowed 2.5ish tonnes of soil, and mowed the lawn.  Amazing.

Just a reminder of how it was looking...  a large amount of space cleared...

...one bed built but not positioned...

...and 3 tonnes of soil delivered.

So that was where everything was when I left the house this morning.

I got the following photos around 2pm by email, thank you Jane!  It was looking very exciting!

I got home to this beautiful sight!

The boys seemed incapable of stopping.  This was about 6pm but they just wouldn't give up for the night!

I sat on the bench and luxuriated in their work and the beautiful flowers appearing...

And then this little chap popped up to say hello!  Apparently he was around a lot today, but I've not seen him before.  He's very tame :) I guess he was hoping for worms, but the beautiful topsoil doesn't contain many!

I finally convinced them all to stop and we went out for dinner, but not before I took a team photo... THANK YOU, you wonderful people xxxxxxxx

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