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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Study - complete!

Well, is a room ever truly complete?!  If I wait to take totally finished photos you may be waiting some time ;)

The study is, to all intents and purposes, complete.  Hurrah!  This is a huge milestone for us as it's the first room to be completed.

A barrage of photos of the transformation from old to new:

This was the room when we viewed the house - we couldn't see much of it as it was piled high with stuff! You can see the textured wallpaper here quite well.

Shortly after moving in:

The start of the wallpaper stripping for the rad supports (25th March):

All wallpaper stripped (23rd April):

Ceiling skimmed (3rd June):

First mist-coat of paint on the ceiling and furniture mapped out on the floor:

And the wall paint goes on (14th June):

View from the landing after the first coat of paint - so green!  Scuse the mess, the house permanently looks like this at the moment!:

All walls done, now we turned to the beige gloss woodwork:

...and transformed it into white satin woodwork!

Between the two photos above, Ian also wired in a new light fitting and replaced the light switch and the single plug socket plate as they were all old and knackered (and ugly).

Ian, camouflaged: 

And then it was onto the flatpack (22nd June):

Mangy old carpet ripped up:

And new floor being laid! (27th June):

Moved the bookcases into place:

And built the remaining furniture (29th June):

Then it was just a case of filling the shelves (look at all the spare space still!) and Ian fitted the blind yesterday (2nd July):

I touched up the paint damaged by drilling the window blind fixings today (3rd July) and...well... it's finished!  
We will still hang some artwork above the desk and above the keyboard, but we'll come to that a little way down the line.  Oh, and we're probably going to get glass doors for the Billy bookcases.  Oh. We're not finished at all ;)

This was the original "inspiration photo" that set us on our path way back at the beginning, I think we ended up pretty close to it!


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