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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Downstairs Loo - complete!

We mostly finished the downstairs loo last Friday (same day as the spare room), but had a few finishing touches to add - grouting the tiles, sealing around the vanity unit and between the basin and tiles, painting coving, and hanging a mirror and adding the door stop to stop the door handle bashing the plasterboard... We may still hang a voile curtain in here, and probably add some sort of artwork - my in-laws have an assortment of amusing cards, which I like - but apart from those things, we're done with our third room!

When viewing the house in August 2013 (you can actually see the delightful stained carpet in this photo, lovely...):

This was the first room we stripped the wallpaper from, so it was pretty exciting... (12th February)

Stripped and first round of Polyfilla (19th February): 

Ceiling skimmed (and new window fitted at some point between these two photos), 3rd June:

Paint samples:

Old toilet and basin ripped out, 29th June:

Graham moved the pipes that ran down the wall, they're now the other side of the wall in the utility room, looks much nicer without them!
Painted (Apple White), 7th July:

Not Graham's most flattering angle ;), 7th July:

Nice carpenter boxed in behind the loo so the cistern could be hung (it wouldn't reach the wall due to the stupid placement of the waste pipe), 10th July:

Boxing primed, 10th July:

Painted (Willow Tree) and new carpet laid, 11th July:

Splashback tiled, 11th July:

Mirror, splashback grouted, coving painted etc, 20th July:

New light fitting:

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