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Friday, 11 July 2014

Guest Bedroom - complete!

Nothing like a tight deadline to get things done... the guest bedroom is finished, just in time for our first overnight guest to arrive tomorrow.  Of course it still needs artwork etc, but it's pretty much good to go!  Apologies for the light levels in the "finished" photos, it's dark so needed flash but my little point and shoot isn't really up to it!

The room when we viewed the house in August 2013:

The wallpaper stripping begins, 29th May:

Paint samples, 31st May:

Plastered, 3rd June:

Painted (thanks to my wonderful in laws for mucking in and helping us out!), 7th July:

Woodwork painted, 7th July:

Curtain pole and curtains! 10th July:

Old carpet ripped up, 11th July:

And new carpet laid!

Bed built and other furniture (that we built in other rooms earlier in the week) in place! 

Ian testing out the comfy/thinking chair :)

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