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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Starting the spare bedroom...

I am so excited about creating a lovely spare bedroom where friends and family can come and stay!  We had a spare room at the flat but it was only really big enough for a single bed and also housed the keyboard, desktop PC, and all the (many!) instruments we own, plus half of my clothes... so it was crowded!

I wanted to strip the wallpaper adjoining the ceiling before the plasterer skims them next week, but I think I will finish the entire room tomorrow.

Photos of the total mess so far:

Spare room cleared of everything apart from the bed (which is going on Freecycle) and the carcass of our old DVD/CD unit (which is going to the tip):

Bedroom 1 full of the contents of Bedroom 3 and the Study:

Going well!

A view of the ceiling for posterity... as artex goes, it's not too bad, but... it's going!

Trail of devastation left in my wake...

Ian with the wall containing a ridiculous number of rawl plugs (we've uncovered 9 so far...):

Update 30/5/14:

All wallpaper removed:

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