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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday 17 May

Hot!  Much of today was cloudy but hot and muggy with some sunny spells, during which it was even hotter!

Loads of photos from today...

Mum and Dad popped round so we sat in the sun and drank tea, how British!  Here is the view from where we were sat:

Courgettes planted out into the big bed; the first time I've ever had two plants!  They suddenly look very small in the big, big, bed...!

Laying out the bean-planting plan:

Teeny tiny beetroot seedlings:

Planted out:

Gorgeous rose, which I'm pretty certain now (thanks to a friend from work) is Zephirine Drouhin - amazing scent, gorgeous flowers and no thorns!

Possible blackspot on a few leaves, though, which is worrying...

Ian got to work with the hedge-trimmers out the front of the house.  No "before" photos but it's looking a lot neater!

Every time I look at the front of the house I realise we reeeeally need a new garage door - the current one is peeling and dented...

We finally built the garden table!  We bought this set about two or three years ago but had only ever made the chairs...


First wild strawberry.  I know I said these grow like weeds in my garden, but I have left lots as I do love wild strawbs.

View from new garden table:

Ian surveys his land:

A neighbour brought round a bottle of wine for us as he had meant to do so ever since we moved in!  6pm crisps and rosé in the sun :)

Dinner al fresco for the first time this year:

And finally, a little comparison photo for you - the pic on the left was 22 February, and the one on the right was today.  I think it's important to look back every now and then and remind ourselves that it has changed a lot, even though it doesn't always feel that way...!

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