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Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday 5 May

Today we visited B&Q for the third time in one bank holiday weekend... what a thrilling life we lead!

We also tackled the greenhouse.  I say we, in fairness Ian cleared it out and I then washed the glass etc.  I hate spiders and cobwebs and couldn't face the idea of turning something over and finding a spider's nest or something equally hideous.  There was one spider in the entire greenhouse in the end, so I looked like a right plonker!

Greenhouse before:

Greenhouse after:

It's a bit empty right now, but I plan to have tomatoes etc in grow bags at the end and perhaps a little on the right as well.  I also need a potting table.  I didn't manage to defeat the brambles entirely on the right hand side, the gap between greenhouse and fence is too small to get into, and the brambles grow into the joins between panes of glass...

And in other news, Ian got a new toy :D

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  1. Ah, excellent! Please bring the new toy with you next time you're in Oxford and Ian can attack our garden :D