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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


(Don't read on if you're eating...!)

For a few days last week I was complaining to Ian that sometimes in the morning the bathrooms smelt "a bit drains-y".  He couldn't smell anything and we ignored it, but then on Sunday the water in the downstairs loo had a greasy layer of scum on top of it, and when I flushed it, the water level rose to the top of the bowl, thankfully not quite overflowing.

So on Monday morning Ian called an emergency drains plumber out.  He climbed into the sewer in the road just in front of our driveway and pulled out... this monstrosity.

Disgusting, huh!  It's several years' worth of hair, rags (?!), Q-tips, and general filth and human waste from our house and the two either side.  You can see how big it is compared to the feet around it!

There was a second blockage on our property which Ian didn't take a photo of since it was entirely made up of compacted poo, so I think we can all be grateful for the lack of documentation of that one!

It wasn't really what I envisaged spending £85 on within 3 weeks of moving into the house but hopefully this has fixed that element of our plumbing woes at least and fingers crossed we won't have to call this guy back out again any time soon.

Onwards onto more exciting ways to spend money now, I think... we are going to move the downstairs bathroom up the priority list since the water had backed up the sink when the loo was blocked and the sink waste pipe leaked a bit into the carpet.  Bleurgh!

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