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Saturday, 22 February 2014

February Sunshine

Today, the sun shone.  I took the opportunity and spent a good few hours in the garden - I anticipate having achey muscles tomorrow - gardening is definitely exercise!

I started clearing the weeds from the gravel by the patio, and ended up discovering the lawn is an oval shape with brick edging.  I also discovered a LOT of weedproof membrane (two layers in places), which has decomposed to the extent that all it is doing now is providing a nice medium for the weeds to grow in, which is not quite the point.  It goes under some of the path paving stones as well, so pulling it up is hard, but I think it needs to come up completely because it's sticking up in random spots all over the place.

I also solved the mystery of where the hose pipe goes after it goes underground at the edge of the patio - to a Hozelock connector at the back of the lawn.  Odd.


This was the lawn back in the summer when we viewed the house again after our offer was accepted:

 Uncovering the edging...

Weedproof membrane everywhere...

Progress by the time I had to stop today, you can see the back line of where the lawn should stop.

Mysterious hose...

 Emerges here:

 Lovely Hebe:

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