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Friday, 21 February 2014

Boring expenditure

I'm updating this in the interests of including everything!  Two rather boring but necessary purchases...

A replacement bath/shower mixer tap after the existing one died a death and we could only bath - and the hot water tank would only let us run a bath if we ran the hot OR the cold water, not both at the same time.  This was a bit of a pain as we'll be replacing the entire bathroom at some stage, so now I'm wondering if we should keep the tap when we re-do everything as it will still be nearly new!

Here is an ugly photo of the shiny new fully-functioning tap:

The second purchase was slightly more exciting; a new loft hatch and fixed loft ladder.  This is pretty essential as our new boiler will go in the loft, and whilst we'll have a control panel downstairs, for purposes of servicing and (god forbid!) any problems, we need good reliable access to the loft.  I left the hatch closed for the purposes of this photo - you'll have to believe me that there's a lovely ladder with a handrail inside :)

The hatch needs PVA-ing and painting.  Next week we'll have electricity put up in the loft too!  (At the moment there is a strip bulb with a longggggg cable that you chuck down to the landing and plug in to the only socket it'll reach.  Mmm, safe.

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