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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sunroom no more

We have wonderful friends!  Sophie and Patrick are staying for the weekend and working for their bed and board :)  Today's task was to dismantle the "sunroom" on the back of the house.  It's basically a greenhouse, single glazed panes of glass from floor to ceiling, with a plastic roof.  It's freezing cold in winter and boiling hot in summer, overgrown with passionflower and overrun with spiders.

Here's a photo that shows the sunroom from when we viewed the house in August 2013:

And here's the photos of our hard work today:

Scoping out the situation before clearing the contents:

Cutting back the passionflower:

Taking the doors off took the longest:

Look no glass!

Removing the panes of glass one at a time - they weren't held in by much!  Each side was between 2-4 panes of glass and some sort of board at the bottom.

Tackling the roof was a little more complex:

Aaaand it's down!

Ripping up the edging metal strips, which were screwed into the brick:

Some of the mess:

Last piece, fixed to the wall with a bazillion screws:

View from inside - sunlight!

Hammering down the metal flashing.  We'll probably take this out and patch the mortar in due course:

More mess:

Done!  5 hours later.  Team photo :D

We were so lucky with the weather - a crisp October day, the sun was so hot!

View from the master bedroom:

There are vague plans for a big garden overhaul at some point, so until then this will probably stay as a slightly raised concrete patio...

Thank you Sophie and Patrick you are wonderful friends!!! xxxx

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