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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Autumn Garden clearance

Well, it's now over halfway through October and there is no longer any denying that summer has been and gone.  My veg patch was looking a bit sad as things died off and the jasmine had gone a bit bonkers so we took a few hours this afternoon to tidy up a bit...  Ian kindly took some photos as I'm always behind the camera so it looks like I don't do anything!!

Last courgette of the season:

Couple of beetroot left...

Planted my kale seedlings out for winter

The PSB has been a total disaster this year, really...

Last few carrots

The promise of a tiny bit of PSB if it holds out that long, it's meant to be a summer variety not an over-winter one!

Ian hacking back the jasmine:

The Japanese maple is nearly over, but is looking glorious in the meantime:


Berries and ivy:

No idea why my roses are still blooming...

Last few tomatoes and my one and only pepper which has never ripened!

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