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Sunday, 5 July 2015


I made some curtains!

I bought the fabric back in March, and the master bedroom has been 99% complete since the end of May, but around that time I was spending most of my evenings lying on the sofa trying not to throw up, and somehow the curtains never got made...

We couldn't move into the master bedroom until the curtains were up, so it has delayed us somewhat.  With a free (ish) weekend ahead of us, I got up on Saturday morning and decided the time had come!

I didn't take any progress photos, but the tutorial I used is here: http://sew-helpful.com/curtain-lined-pencil-pleat-index.php

Summer is a bad time to take photos of curtains since it's light outside so late!  

Once we've moved into the bedroom (and moved out the various bits of furniture currently lurking in there) I'll do a full before and after post... and I need to do a kitchen post as well!

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