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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Garden 30 August

Wow, it's been weeks and weeks since I last blogged!  Things have been happening here - working on the living room currently - but I don't want to blog photos till it's finished!  The living room/dining room walls and ceilings have been skimmed and painted, the new carpet is due for delivery and fitting on 5th Sept and the sofas should be delivered - fingers crossed - around 7th October.

Today Sophie came round and we put her to work in the garden ;) we did a couple of hours weeding in one of the flower beds.  Photos of a very autumnal-looking garden:

Sophie setting to work:

That same border afterwards:

This is one of the centrepieces from our wedding in April 2013, still just about alive!

Trying to work out what to do with the garden long-term... I'm not happy with the paths/gravel/weed paradise areas but just not sure what to do with it all...

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