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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Saturday 7 June

Here is the view around my garden today:

That peony I bought last weekend has come into bloom and is brightening the place up:

First French Bean to work out what it's meant to do... I feel my veggies are all so far behind this year but hey, what can you do!

Potatoes thriving:


Snapdragons (of course I squidged them to make them "talk" like my Grandad used to.  I saw my Granny today (Hi Granny!) and she reminded me that Grandad also used to pick up fallen foxglove flowers and put them on his/our fingers like little hats for fingers or something.  I need a foxglove!)


First round of PSB plants are finally pulling themselves together and the second round (to the right) aren't doing too badly either.  Might stick these outside soon and cross my fingers...

View from the kitchen door:

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